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“Smoke & Pickles” by Edward Lee


Published by Artisan Books

What people are saying

“This is what traditional ‘Southern Cooking’ will look like in 15 years. Maybe sooner. Edward Lee is one of America’s most important young chefs–and what he has to say with his delicious food and in the pages of this book, will help redefine American food as a whole. Better start reading and start cooking. The future is here.”
–Anthony Bourdain

“Ed Lee is a Korean-American chef, a diehard New Yorker, and a long-time Kentucky transplant…you can’t make that stuff up, but you can recreate his delicious American food. It’s quite simple: Ed cooks the food I want to eat.”
–David Chang, chef and owner, Momofuku

“If you want to know why America–especially The South–will prosper and lead the way in our more global (and yet local) world, read Edward Lee’s Smoke & Pickles. . . . His food is daring and provocative, his understanding of the medium profound, his story spell-binding.”
–Frank Stitt, chef and owner, Highlands Bar and Grill

“Edward Lee’s Smoke & Pickles–with its karaoke confessions and recipes for miso-smothered chicken and Kentucky-fried quail– is full of more smarts, playfulness, and soulfulness than any cookbook I’ve read in a long, long time.”
–John T Edge, coeditor Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook

“I’m officially and unabashedly in love with Chef Ed Lee’s Smoke & Pickles! Full of thoughtful storytelling and plenty of seasoning, it satisfies all my cravings for hearty, flavorful food that’s as soulful and introspective as it is celebratory. In fact, Smoke & Pickles is more than a cookbook, it’s a passionate declaration! And Chef Ed Lee is so much more than a chef; he’s a vital force in modern American cooking.”
–Gail Simmons, author of Talking with My Mouth Full: My Life as a Professional Eater

“Ed Lee cooks with compassion, heart and most importantly, guts. His bold and complex approach allows us a glimpse of what truly drives him, resulting in amazing flavors and beautiful dishes. He is a personal inspiration and more importantly a defining example for the next generation of young chefs!”
–Danny Bowien, chef and owner, Mission Chinese Food

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